Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans provides a variety of products for hearing help and hearing prevention. We strive to educate patients on the products that are appropriate for their loss, as well as what products are can prevent hearing damage.

Available Products Include:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Swimplugs
  • Standard and Custom Hearing Protection
  • Musician Earplugs and In Ear Monitors
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Hearing Aid Batteries

Patient Feedback

Here are what some of our patients have said after they purchased their digital hearing aids:

  • “Speech is so clear and crisp!”
  • “I was able to hear everything at dinner the other night.”
  • “My wife doesn’t complain about how loud the television is anymore.”
  • “I can hear my grandchildren, even when they are whispering.”

All patients are seen by a licensed Doctor of Audiology.




Hearing Aids are devices that can help a patient hear better throughout their daily life. They are programmed based on the the patient’s hearing loss and lifestyle. There are different types of hearing aids. Some are more cosmetically appealing that others. Here are some examples of the hearing aids available through Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans:

  •  Receiver In The Ear(RIE)These are our most popular hearing aid on the market today. They are small, discreet, and comfortable. Most improtantly, due to the hearing aid microphone placement, speech is natural, crisp, and clear. These hearing aids can be fit for 97% of hearing loss results.
  •  Behind the Ear (BTE)These hearing aids fit comfortably behind the ear with a custom earmold attached and placed inside the ear canal. Once again, micrphone placement provides excellent sound quality.
  •  Open Behind the EarExcellent for high pitched hearing losses, this devices consists of just a thin tube that is placed in the ear, connected to the behind the ear instrument. Microphone placement, along with emphasis in the high pitches, gives the heairng aid wearer excellent speech clarity.
  •  Custom Hearing Aids/In The Ear (ITE), In The Canal (ITC), and Completely In the Canal (CIC)These type of hearing aids custom made for the patient’s ear and ear canal. They are appropriate for hearing losses that are considered mild to severe. These types of hearing aids are great option for patients, due to their digital sound quality and ease of use.
  •  Custom Remote Microphone Hearing AidsThis is a newer design for in the ear hearing aid products. The microphone is placed in a part of the ear called the concha cymba which where speech sounds are naturally collected. In addition, the hearing aid protected from wind noise. With the comfort and ease of use of a custom hearing aid, combined with better microphone placement, these devices prove to be an excellent alternative to standard custom products and give better hearing satisfaction.


Swimplugs are custom earplugs that protect the ear and ear canal from excess water. At time, a doctor will recommend a patient to keep water from entering the ear or ear canal. Custom swimplugs will protect the ear from any moisture during showering, bathing, or swimming. These are excellent for patients who just had surgery for PE tube placement or have a perforation in the eardrum.


Standard and Custom Hearing Protection is the ideal way of protecting one’s hearing from noise damage. Careers such as contruction, industrial, and jobs that take place in areas of loud levels of noise require hearing protection. Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans offer comfortable hearing protection that are easy to use and easy to maintain. Hearing Protection is not just for work, it is also for leisure, such as hunting, sporting, or attending football games.


Musician Earplugs are designed specifically for musicians that protects their hearing, while maintaining the sound quality of music by using a special filter. They are available in a standard form or custom form. There are different levels of attenuation available, as well.


In Ear Monitors are more sophisticated alternatives, involving digital components used to mix certain sounds or instruments designated by the musician, while protecting their hearing. They are availabe in a standard or custom form.


Assistive Listening Devices are other options that can help a patient improve their hearing in various environments. At times, it is an extra accessory for the hearing aid or it is a safety awareness device.

Such devices include:

  • Amplified Telephones
  • Amplified listening systems for the television
  • Vibrating Alarm Clocks
  • Flashing Fire or Smoke Alarms

Wireless and bluetooth capability through hearing instuments have become popular recently in the hearing industry. There are several accessories that can help patients hear their television or telephone conversations directly through hearing aids. This is with the help of wireless technology. For more information on these accessories, Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans can demonstrate the advantages of these options in the clinic.


Hearing Aid Batteries are sold at Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans. We provide the freshest mercury free batteries. We proudly sell Rayovac.

The size in stock are:

  • Size 10 (Yellow)
  • Size 312 (Brown)
  • Size 13 (Orange)
  • **Size 675 can be ordered upon request.